Hi everyone! So I just reached 1,000 followers and I can’t explain to you all how happy I am right now. Recently, I’ve become a part tennis blog so thank you all for sticking with me even if my blog isn’t 100% hockey anymore. I appreciate it so much you all have no idea. And a huge thank you to the tennis people that are absolutely amazing :) If any of you were wondering, Rafadal is my other URL. Honestly, thank you all so so so much! I never dreamed of getting 1,000 followers when I first made my tumblr. I remember being ecstatic when I reached 100 and now reaching 1,000 is just crazy. Okay, so here are a list of people/blogs that I will forever love and wow they’re just all so amazing and I strongly encourage you guys to follow them.

Oh and just a side note, because I couldn’t have reach this amazing feat without you guys, I will accept edit requests for any player you like for 24 hours. I will basically create 4 or 9 picture photoset of the player of your request and will try to somehow make it special :)

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special shout outs to:

Chandler - Jackie - Jennifer - Lisa - Max - Megan - Nicole - Tina - Trina
for having amazing blogs and being a really great friends :-)
And shoutout to my best friend Mai for being my 1,000th follower <69

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